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SOM -21MA Diamond-Bruting Machine (code: 3210)



Size: 1210x850x1200

It is intended for semi-automatic or manual fine bruting of diamonds to be cut into rounds using diamond-impregnated wheel. Diamond is fixed onto pots (ref. 3016, 3018 or 3020) and pressed with pot (ref. 3017 or 3019). Smoothly adjustable rotational speed of the diamond being bruted also allows to brute diamonds to be cut into fancies using changeable chuck, magnifying control mirror and curving sides-mating device. Diamonds to be cut into fancies are cemented onto pot end face (ref. 3021, 3022 or 3031). 
SOM-21MA bruting machine is used within diamond bruting system containing machines for rough bruting where diamonds are cemented onto pots, it is most desirable to use universal chuck for pots permitting in some cases to perform both rough and fine bruting without recementing the diamond. 

Dimensions, mm: 1210 x 850 x 1200 
Weight, kg: 350 
Diamond„w, mm: minimal- 2, maximal- 20 
Smoothly adjustable rotational speed of left head spindle 
Rotational speed of grinding wheel head spindle, rpm - 110 
Adjustable frequency of double stroke oscillation of grinding wheel head 
Adjustable oscillation stroke of grinding wheel head 
Automatic feed rate of grinding wheel, micrometer/s – from 10. 
Power supply: 
Voltage, V: 380 
Frequency, Hz: 50 
Power consumption, kW: 0.7