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Blocking and Polishing

Polishing Tang (code: 4045)


Universal polishing tang is intended for polishing top and bottom of round and fancy-cut diamonds. In the process of bottom polishing the press-pot of suitable hole diameter is selected and fixed into collet of polishing tang. The press is not used. 
In the process of top polishing the copper insert or pot of suitable hole diameter is used. With inserts and pots with inside diameter of 4 mm the transitional press-pot ref. 4066 is applied. For adjusting polishing tang the gauge ref. 5014 is used. The head design allows to quickly change the inclination angle for 15°, 32°, 42° and 50°. 
Press pot mounting hole diameter, mm: 8 
Dimensions, mm: not more than 94 x 128 x 252