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STKR -V Diamond-Bruting Machine (code: 3430)

Size: 850x500x1300

The machine is intended for elimination of imperfections on girdle surface as well as for improvement of geometrical parameters with maximal retaining of diamond weight. The machine is equipped with video system. It permits to have ideal centering and accuracy of diamond bruting aligning multi-magnified diamond image with preset parameters. 
This machine permits to realize many recommendations of computer programs for repolishing finished diamonds with the aim of increasing their value. 

Diamond wheel on organic bond 
Maximal diamond wheel travel, mm 
along X axis - 20 
along Y axis - 20 
along Z axis - 20 
Adjustable reversible drive of diamond wheel rotation 
Adjustable oscillation stroke of the wheel 
Frequency of double stroke oscillation, double strokes/minute: 20, 30, 40 
Adjustable reversible drive of diamond rotation 
Power supply: single-phase current 
Voltage, V: 220 
Frequency, Hz: 50 
Power consumption, W: not more than 250 
Dimensions: 850 x 500 x 1300 
Weight, kg: not more than 130