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"BULAT" Bruting Machine (code: 3200)


Size: 520x500x400

The machine is designed for rough bruting of diamonds using the procedure of shaping diamond with another diamond. Centering of diamonds cemented onto pots with 9 mm seat is carried out in floating chucks according to the image on the monitor screen. Bruting machine can be completed, under special order, with chucks for fixing pots with floating top and 13 mm seat. In this model centering of diamond is performed on pots in a specialized device. 
The machine works in combination with dust suction unit to collect diamond dust from working area. 


Dimensions, mm: 520x500x400 
Weight, kg: 85 
Diamond diameter, mm: 
minimal: 2 
maximal: 15 
Adjustable rotary speed 
Adjustable frequency of double stroke oscillation of left head 
Adjustable oscillation stroke 
Maximal travel along feed screw, mm: not less than 20 
Adjustable automatic feed rate, µm/s: 0.25 – 5.0 
Adjustable value of automatic feed, µm: 0 – 500 
Power supply: 
Voltage, V: 220 
Frequency, Hz: 50 
Power consumption, W: 150