Equipment for diamond and jewelry industries.
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75, Shevchenko Str., Smolensk, 214020 Russia

Anisimov Yuri - Director General
Tel.: +(4812) 31-03-26, 20-70-67

ALMAZSERVIS LTD. was established in 1996 and specializes in manufacture of diamond tools, machining attachments and equipment used at diamond-cutting facilities.

At present ALMAZSERVIS LTD. has actually become the only Russian supplier of the whole range of unique equipment and tools intended for a complete diamond-cutting cycle and used in jewelry industry.

ALMAZSERVIS LTD. has among its regular customers about 100 diamond-cutting facilities from different regions of Russia, the Republic of Belorus, Ukraine, such as Kristall Production Corporation (Smolensk), branch office of Open Joint Stock Company ALROSA (Moscow), Joint Stock Company “Sakha Diamond”(Yakutsk).

Equipment and tools of ALMAZSERVIS LTD. are sold in many foreign countries such as Israel, Tanzania, Republic of Namibia, United Arab Emirates and Thailand.

Quality management introduced at ALMAZSERVIS LTD. along with the rational use of financial, manufacturing and manpower resources allows to successfully pursue the company policy in the field of quality.