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Polishing machine "SK-50"

ALMAZSERVICE lTD. started full-scale production of new generation of diamond polishing machine "SK-50". In comparison with previous designs polishing of diamonds is made by a cantilever-mounted polishing wheel with minimal face runout.Polishing wheel drive is of closed type, therefore it is only needed to watch bearings and to change grease periodically while the machine is in use. 

 On the machine the filter device with a catcher is installed. 
The advantages of the machine are smooth start of diamond wheel rotation and effective braking, lack of vibration, constant keeping of wheel planes and support plane, high maintainability. 
On the machine Coborn skive spindles with 1.1kW power, 2815 rpm, adiustable height and 1.1 kW AirFlow system are used. 
Overall dimensions of the machine, mm: 
weight, no more kg - 1100 
type of diamond polishing wheel - canteliver-mounted polishing wheel 
Overall dimensions of polishing wheel,mm: 
wheel diameter-335 
wheel thickness-20 
rotation frequency- 3300-4000rpm 
power supply: 
power consumption, kW-0.7