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Diamond Orientation Center (code: 2088)


It is intended for orientation of marked diamonds fixed in the balls as well as for orientation of marked diamonds directly while cementing them onto the sawing pot with subsequent drying at temperature excluding glue deformation. 
Orientation center is used in mechanical and laser sawing, heads of sawing sections and balls of laser system have setting holes (diameter 6mm) with axis perpendicular to sawing blade plane and, accordingly, to laser beam. 
Orientation center works indoors with environment temperature from 15є C to 25є C and relative humidity up to 80%. 


Adjustable magnification ratio: 8...14 
Weight, kg, not more than: 6 
Setting diameter of the head, mm: 6 
Power supply, alternating current, V: 220 
Monitor, inch: 10.4 
Hair-line: laser printing on transparent polyester film 
Hair-line thickness, mm: 0.13 
Vertical travel of vision system: mechanical 
Dimensions, mm, not more than: 
length: 450 
width: 280 
height: 470