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Diamond Sawing Machine with Correction Head (code: 2080)


The new equipment for mechanical sawing rough diamonds allows: 
-to orientate sawing plane with accuracy achieved at computer marking; 
-to make precise correction of sawing plane orientation relative to sawing blade; 
-to make sawing with minimal diamond heating and high productivity. 

It is used for sawing marked and oriented rough diamonds with preset sawing force. Sawing force is adjusted from 0 to 160 gr. 
Diamond sawing machine is equipped with correction head that provides fixing of pots and special balls in such a position where pot axis is strictly perpendicularly to the sawing blade plane. 
Correction head provides the possibility of changing axis position of the pot in vertical and horizontal planes within ± 4 С relative to diamond touchdown point at the sawing blade and quick returning to initial position. 
The section is equipped with set of technologically balanced spindles with cylindrical stems (4mm diameter) and four-sided prismatic bearings made of antifriction material. 
The sawing section can work with all known types of sawing spindles. 

Dimensions, mm, not more than: 145 x 225 x 345