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Balanced Technological Spindle (code: 2082)


It is intended for fixing sawing blade and set in sawing machine. 
Sawing spindle is high-revolution, technologically balanced with cylindrical small-sized supporting neck (rpm, maximum – 16,000, nominal diameter of supporting necks, mm – 5.5 – 5.6) 
Geometry of spindle pulley allows to carry out its dynamic movement to right prismatic bearing when using special device of drive belt tightening. 

Spindle length, mm: 104 
Length of thrust base, mm: 64 
Complete set: spindle – 1 piece (steel) 
flange - 1 piece (aluminum alloy) 
nut - 1 piece (aluminum alloy) 
Working diameters, mm: 36,46,49,54,59,64,69