Equipment for diamond and jewelry industries.
Machine industry

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Association with limited responsibility «Diamond - Service» presents:

  • Association with limited responsibility «Diamond - Service» develops, priduces and supplies equipment, diamond instrument for the full cycle of diamond processory (about 300 articles);
  • Due to their workers knowledge, creativity, skill and expirience, the enterprise is able to make and supply equipment, instrument basing on indivividual orders, orders, based on designers documentation, samples, sketches and client's wishes;
  • The enterprise restores faceting discs home or foreign made. The discs are being rolled, balanced, tested for tensile strength, tested for splits, also, by client's wish, galvanic or glue covering is applied to the discs, which allows to increase the discs durability considerably. The services also includerepairing and restoring equipment. As a result, the durability of the equipment increased and the client's money is saved